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1850's Canons

Made for the Navy Exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

These 32lbs and 42lbs canons made up the 1850's armourment used in Sydney Harbour.
Research on this project was done as part of the overall project.

32 lbs Canon at 1:11 scale. An example of the barrel can be found at Parramatta Park.
42 lbs Traverse Canon at 1:11 scale. This model shows the additional tools required to make the canon function.
An excellent example of this canon can be seen at Dawes Point in Sydney Harbour.

Did you know:
the size of the canon ball from the 42lb canon was 6.68 inches (16.6cm) in diameter.

1850's Canons

1850's Canons:

  • Scale: 1:11th
  • Client: ANMM
  • Time to complete: 1 month